Other works


seesaw_works.jpgI am a member of Seesaw, a creative group of four that designs, constructs and installs high impact public, electronic art. So far we have made two light art pieces for outdoors and two interactive multimedia installations for festivals.

Polyhedral Music


A mathematical sound art work I made with Jouko Koskinen. The work is about converting three-dimensional solids into sound. We presented the work in the Bridges conference in Linz, Austria in 2019. A link to the conference paper.

Floating Something math art piece

sensual-mathematics-details-by-Henri-Vogt_05.jpgPhoto: Henri Vogt

On Aalto University’s multidisciplinary course Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture student groups created mathematical artworks for an exhibition in Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre in Vantaa. My group made physical realization of a certain mathematical theorem using bent brass figure with 303 hanging ceramic pieces.

A music video for Drn Drn

I made a cutout animation music video for Drn Drn. I used recycled magazines, newspapers and adverts as a material. The video was nominated in the music video competition at Oulu Music Video Festival.